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The "Roman Shade Fabrication App" takes all the mystery out of this work. It makes sense of all the myriad (often redundant or tautological) terms that are so loosely used: classic, flat, ribbed, relaxed, relaxed with wings, soft fold, false, faux, hobbled, tucked, stitch tucked, cloud, pouff , Austrian, shirred, balloon, balloon royal, teardrop, looped, pleated, ruffled, segmented. All of this is possible and even relatively straight forward, but only if it can be deciphered and understood. The App does that.

There is also a need for rules that govern the construction process. Roman shades are often created using "seat of the pants" methods that offer little confidence concerning their final appearance. Most fabricators pay no attention to pattern matching except in very crude ways. (indeed, our own shades on the right which predate this app, illustrate that practice -- not only is there no alignment, the pattern is "up" on the right and "down" on the left). And ordering fabric for all but the most elementary shades is "guess and by golly".

There is no longer any excuse for the formless nature of roman shade fabrication. The app sets forth rules for construction and provides an easy to use calculator that creates a scale pattern for optimal fabric utilization -- even when there are tucks and loops and no matter the width or height.

Use it anywhere without an Internet connection.


Full documentation and Instructions.


Accurate to two decimal places. Not constrained to integer data input like the lite version.


Automatic “rounding reduction” algorithm using foam and thickness parameters — no more guess work, cushions will always fit.


Pattern matching using both horizontal and vertical fabric repeat — centers small shades over patterns, maintains consistency top to bottom, shade to shade.


Pattern representation shown to scale with all boxing and plaque. Seam allowance, where required, is in purple.


Access to all relevant Sailrite Videos (with internet connection).