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Box cushions can be rectangular or they can be "irregular". They will vary in thickness and density of filling. Fabric patterns that benefit from matching may exist vertically, horizontally or both. There are at least three ways to finish edges: plain, piping and French mattress seams. Custom cuts may be required for good fit. All this, and more, should be understood and that understanding carefully utilized.

There are also structural considerations: how to provide closure after filler insertion, how to achieve the best fit by allowing for edge rounding and foam compression, how to reduce cost and improve comfort by making intelligent material choices.

These are just some of the matters addressed by the Box Cushion Fabrication App. It really is, in our view, the best attempt thus far to present a comprehensive view of the subject.

Two inch thick rectangular cushions with piping trim

Pillows with French Mattress Seams

Four inch thick irregular cushions with plain trim

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Full documentation and Instructions.


Accurate to two decimal places. Not constrained to integer data input like the lite version.


Automatic “rounding reduction” algorithm using foam and thickness parameters — no more guess work, cushions will always fit.


Pattern matching using both horizontal and vertical fabric repeat — centers small plates over patterns, maintains consistency top to bottom, plate to plate.


Pattern representation shown to scale with all boxing and plaque. Seam allowance, where required, is in red.


Customizable Edge Allowance — plain, piping, french mattress seams are all provided for.


Access to all relevant Sailrite Videos (with internet connection).